2007 Results

CIC **
1st place: William Coleman and K. du Manoir

Open Intermediate
1st place: Jan Byyny and Task Force

Open Preliminary A
1st place: Jan Byyny and Dario

Open Preliminary B
1st place: Sharon White and Ashwood Lad

JR/YR Preliminary A
1st place: Kylie Lyman and Orange

JR/YR Preliminary B
1st place: Michelle Realmuto and Mainau

Open Training
1st place: Robert Costello and Dinero

Training Rider
1st place: Dick Bayly and Sifton

Junior Training
1st place: Paige Garson and Combalache

Open Novice A
1st place: Marilyn Payne and Safe Harbor

Open Novice B
1st place: Kelli Temple and Veelion

Novice Rider
1st place: Natalie Epstein and Suits U

Junior Novice
1st place: Jessie Evans and Twizzler II