2008 Results

Photos by John Caruso

CIC **
1st place: Boyd Martin and Bailey Wick

Open Intermediate
1st place: Boyd Martin and Loose 'n Cool

Open Preliminary A
1st place: Matthew Flynn and Kings Crossing

Open Preliminary B
1st place: Shanon Baker and Beringer

JR/YR Preliminary
1st place: Christa Gandolfo and Shahaadi

Open Training A
1st place: Emily Van Gemeren and Orange

Open Training B
1st place: Sharon White and Artic Knight

Training Rider
1st place: Dick Bayly and Sifton

Junior Training Rider
1st place: Kelsey Dunlap and Laurel Glen

Open Novice
1st place: Carol Kozlowski and Good Earth Bit O' Honey

Novice Rider
1st place: Brad Turley and Ratzi

Junior Novice Rider
1st place: Sarah Epstein and Greengairs Lad