2009 Results

Photos by Dan George and Bill Gamble

CIC **
1st place: Hannah Sue Burnett and St. Barths

Open Intermediate
1st place: Sinead Halpin and Manior de Carneville

Open Preliminary A
1st place: Mara Dean and Tukan Tango

Open Preliminary B
1st place: Rebecca Coffin-Vickery and Wizekrack

Open Training A
1st place: Carol Kozlowski and Fuzzie's Hero

Open Training B
1st place: Clare Bernard and Tamlin

Training Rider
1st place: Samara Warren and Limestone Onassis

Junior Training
1st place: Gillian King and Funshine Bear

Open Novice
1st place: Marcia Kulak and Malinga

Novice Horse
1st place: Douglas Payne and Rosentraum

Novice Rider
1st place: Lesley Collins and Springcroft Tiamaria

Junior Novice
1st place: Kate Aldrich and True Blue