2011 Results

Photos by Bill Gamble and Cindy Welch

CIC **
1st place: Will Coleman and Vancouver

Open Intermediate
1st place: Phillip Dutton and The King's Spirit

1st place: Valerie Vizcarrondo and Playtime

Open Prelim A
1st place: Will Coleman and Ideal Contini

Open Prelim B
1st place: Ellie Van Gemeren and Gemini Pilot

Open Training
1st place: Marilyn Payne and Safe Harbor

Training Rider
1st place: Alayna Pastuck and Quadrigo

Jr. Training Rider
1st place: Nicholas Hansen and Grand Cru

Open Novice
1st place: Carolyn Wehle and Arioso

Novice Rider
1st place: Susan Cipolla and Tres Cool

Jr. Novice Rider
1st place: Clare Foy and Way Cool