Spectator Info


  • Admission is $5 per person per day. Children 12 and younger are free.
  • Patron tickets offer seating, food and special amenities in the Patrons’ Tent. More information here.
  • A limited number of tailgating spots will be available on Cross-Country day (Saturday) for $75 (includes 6 admissions).
  • Programs may be purchased for $5.
  • Dogs are allowed, on leash at all times, in the Stabling and Trade Fair area only! No dogs on Cross Country course.

Directions to SHT

Schedule of Events

Please note that event times are weather dependent.

Schedule Changes

Please check the homepage before heading out to the show for important updates related to weather, conditions, schedule changes, etc. Updated round the clock during the competition.

Welcome Booth

The Welcome Booth, located just as you enter the grounds from the parking area, is staffed with friendly, knowledgeable volunteers that can answer your questions, direct you to the best viewing areas, or let you know when a particular horse and rider are scheduled to compete. Programs and Cosequin SHT apparel will be available for purchase.

On-Site Transportation

Complimentary ground transportation is available between the Welcome Booth and the dressage areas and the middle of the cross-country course.


Official Cosequin Stuart Horse Trials merchandise will be on sale in the vendors area. This merchandise usually sells out early, so get there early!

Stabling Area

For safety reasons, spectators are not allowed in the stabling area. Only competitors and personnel will be permitted to enter. Thank you for your cooperation!

Safety Information

Please remember that the horses and riders are participating in a very demanding sport and will be moving at top speeds through the fields and woods. One person in the wrong place can ruin months and years of hard work for the competitor. So please remember to look both ways before moving and stay alert for warnings from officials and fence judges.

To ensure safety and enjoyment, we ask spectators to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Horses always have the right of way.

  • Stay on the roped paths for pedestrians. Only competitors and officials are allowed inside the ropes.

  • When a whistle blows, it means a horse is coming. Please follow the instructions of the officials in that area.

  • Children must be closely supervised by an adult.

  • Avoid any action that could be interpreted as an "unauthorized assistance" to a competitor. "Unauthorized assistance" includes, but isn't limited to, such things as: giving advice and directions to the riders, clicking, waving, or shouting to encourage a horse to jump. Any such action could result in the elimination of the rider from the event. So please feel free to clap and cheer AFTER a horse clears a fence.

  • Should a horse or rider fall, officials and medical personnel will respond immediately. Please make sure to stay well back to give them the opportunity to do what they are trained to do. If the horse is loose, you may catch him but if you do not have experience with horses, the most helpful thing you can do is to get out of the horse’s path and call for help.