Stuart Horse Trials


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2005 Results

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CIC **
1st place: Corinne Ashton on Dobbin

Open Intermediate
1st place: Adrienne Iorio-Borden on Urban Legend

Open Preliminary A
1st place: Mark Weissbecker on Top Gallant

Open Preliminary B
1st place: Alexis Brown on Abercrombie

Open Preliminary C
1st place: Carol Kozlowski on Take Time

Open Training A
1st place: Amanda Bader on Samira

Open Training B
1st place: Mark Weissbecker on Spencer VIII

Training Rider
1st place: Jillian King on Benjamin Bunny

Open Novice A
1st place: Heidi Vahue on Triton

Open Novice B
1st place: Alexis Brown on Wotan Von Walkenstein II

Novice Rider
1st place: Kathy Bell on Snowy

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