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2011 Special Awards

Off Track Thoroughbred Awards

This award is given by the Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program in honor of Herbert M. Friedman, DVM


  • 1st: Carol Kozlowski / Casual Friday
    2nd: Cindy Welch / Just Jack
    3rd: Jillian Enos / Amadeo
    4th: Jannah Matzan / The Jolly
    5th: Samantha McCleerey / Executive Decision
    6th: Madison Muxworthy / Dudeman


  • 1st: Alexandra Wikstrom / Change Order
    2nd: Barbara Allen / My Main Man
    3rd: Caitlin Wischermann / A Scooter
    4th: Carolyn Wehle / Foghorn J. Leghorn
    5th: Morgan Barron / Snake Hunter
    6th: Diane Carroll-yacoby / Zimmerman


  • 1st: Sharon Miller / Miesque Star


  • 1st: Colleen Rutledge / Shiraz
    2nd: Laura Vello / Winning Facts

Masters Awards

All riders 40 and over


  • 1st: Dick Bayly Cool Jack
    2nd: Carol Kozlowski / Casual Friday
    3rd: Donna White / High Stakes


  • 1st: Marilyn Payne / Safe Harbor
    2nd: Darren Chiacchia / Ballzauber
    3rd: Rebekah Calder / Oliver's Cave


  • 1st: Holly Shine / Sunday Afternoon Mission
    2nd: Kathryn Lasher / Silver Surfer
    3rd: Barbara Allen / Equinox

CIC** / Open Intermediate

  • 1st: Phillip Dutton / The King's Spirit
    2nd: Darrah Alexander / South Park
    3rd: Laura VanderVliet / King Billy

Amateur Awards

Open Novice

  • 1st: Dick Bayly / Cool Jack

Novice Rider

  • 1st: Tara Astacio / Norman

Open Training

  • 1st: Barbara Allen / My Main Man

Training Rider

  • 1st: Kimberly Stinson / Otto


  • 1st: Kathryn Lasher / Silver Surfer

CiC**/Open Intermediate

  • 1st: Emily Van Gemeren / Berkley

Irish Draught Awards

Highest placed Irish Draught in each level. To be eligible, horses must be at least 1/8 Irish Draught on their pedigree.


  • 1st: Karen Kelley / Kildalton Red


  • 1st: Lucy Cheney / Bouncer


  • 1st: Abigail Wilson / Fernhill Flag

Open Intermediate

  • 1st: Stephanie Castonguay / Tyne Be Merry

Charles Owen Technical Merit Awards

Will be presented to riders in the Training Rider and Junior Training Rider divisions. Judging criteria will include evaluation of gallop for the terrain, appropriate balance and safe negotiation of individual obstacles, security and effectiveness of rider's position, and overall assessment of of horse and rider as a team at this level. Three ribbons in each division and top scorer receives a gift certificate for a Charles Owen body protector and a helmet bag.

Training Rider

  • 1st: Kathleen Hall / Sullivan
    2nd: Alexandra Wikstrom / Change Order
    3rd: Alayna Pastuck / Quadrigo

Junior Training Rider

  • 1st: Brittany Kovacs / Fibber Magee
    2nd: Andi Lawrence / Armani IV
    3rd: Gillian Cowley / American Outlaw II

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