Stuart Horse Trials


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2012 Special Awards

Career 2 Awards

This award is given by The Jockey Club's Thoroughbred Incentive Program and the New York Racing Association to celebrate Thoroughbreds in their second career.

Beginner Novice

  • 1st: Tawn Edwards / All of Indy
    2nd: Gibson Donnan / Millenium
    3rd: Caroline Hecht / Devilish Approach
    4th: Katie Rubino / Just Kidding
    5th: Patricia Weir / Wooden
    6th: Brianna Kablack / Frost Watch


  • 1st: Jessica Ruffa / Graham
    2nd: Jack Walnes / The Country Gentleman
    3rd: Valerie Sprague / Boon's Power
    4th: Jannah Matzan / The Jolly
    5th: Sofie Lutfy / Mighty Mouse II
    6th: Alyssa Ruffa / Painted Fancy


  • 1st: Morgan Barron / Snake Hunter
    2nd: Julie Sahler / Maybe Mabel
    3rd: Alexandra Wikstrom / Change Order
    4th: Carol Connors / Behrometer
    5th: Alexis Brown / Twist Again
    6th: Hannah Zollweg / Itty Bitty Sarah


  • 1st: Stephanie Baer / Mercury
    2nd: Debbie Foote / Fly Me Courageous
    3rd: Lisa Reed / Ahhfuhgeddabouit
    4th: Nilson Moriera da Silva / Whiskey Bay
    5th: Laura VanderVliet / Bayou Teche
    6th: Wyn Maling / Stellar's Run


  • 1st: Madeline Mosing / Prowler

Open Intermediate

  • 1st: Kathryn Reed / Parker
    2nd: Beth Perkins / White Oak


  • 1st: Kelly Sult / Montgomery
    2nd: Sheri Thornley / Toga

Irish Draught Awards

Highest placed Irish Draught in each level. To be eligible, horses must be at least 1/8 Irish Draught on their pedigree.

Beginner Novice

  • 1st: Jorgen Olijslager / Nothern Quest Lady's Man


  • 1st: Doug Payne / Arbor Hill


  • 1st: Ashley Moore / Gemini


  • 1st: Ariel Grald / Practically Perfect

Open Intermediate

  • 1st: Beth Perkins / Fernhill Cove


  • 1st: Abigail Wilson / Fernhill Flag

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