Stuart Horse Trials


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2014 Special Awards

TIP Awards

This award is given by The Jockey Club's Thoroughbred Incentive Program to celebrate Thoroughbreds in their second career.

Beginner Novice

  • 1st: Aubrey Wagner / Model American
    2nd: Olivia Lapham / Trial by Fire
    3rd: Brigid Williams / Dashing Darius
    4th: Katie Conway / Regal Slam
    5th: Samantha Vanderstyne / McArthur
    6th: Samantha Galway / Kili


  • 1st: Marcy Lewalter / Arctic Whirl
    2nd: Alexandra Peterson / Willie Wiggins
    3rd: Rebecca Barber / Mr. Popps
    4th: Carolyn Wehle / Fernhill Foster
    5th: Wendy Sisson / Bounce
    6th: Devyn Merritt / Slew Gin Fizz


  • 1st: Bridgette Kuchta / ABF Special Agent
    2nd: Donna White / High Stakes
    3rd: Stephanie Roberts / GonnaGetMarried
    4th: Cindy Welch / Just Jack
    5th: Stacy Iacono / Magic Mike
    6th: Jannah Matzan / The Jolly


  • 1st: Hanna Krueger / Pinney North
    2nd: Lindsay Alberts / Top Gun


  • 1st: Nilson Da Silva / Cash
    2nd: Barbara Allen / My Main Man
    3rd: Carrie Mulks / High Octane
    4th: Carolyn Wehle / Foghorn J. Leghorn

Open Intermediate

  • 1st: Phillip Dutton / Mansfield Park
    2nd: Janelle Phaneuf / Irish Ike


  • 1st: Holly Payne / Santino

Irish Draught Sport Horse Awards

Highest placed Irish Draught Sport Horse in each level. To be eligible, horses must be at least 1/8 Irish Draught on their pedigree. In 2014, 16 horses qualified!

Beginner Novice

  • 1st: Kaitlin Niven / Greyhaven's Silver Payton


  • 1st: Max Stwertka / Ballyadare


  • 1st: Rebekah Smith / Sacramento


  • 1st: Jorgen Olisjlager / Northern Quest Lady's Man

Open Intermediate

  • 1st: Mara DePuy / Coolcorron Kinsale


  • 1st: Malcolm Dilley / Kilpatrick Orlanda


  • 1st: Booli Selmayr / Castle Diamond

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