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2006 Trophies

CIC** $7,500 Purse

The Elaine P. and Richard U. Wilson Foundation, USEA Gold Cup Series

Stuart Horse Trials' Coolers by Horseware/Triple Crown Products

Winning Individual, in all divisions
Embroidered and custom designed coolers by Horseware/Triple Crown Products

The USEA Gold Cup Trophy

Winning CIC** Rider
2006 Winner: Darren Chiacchia on Windfall II

The "Wise Decision" Trophy

Winning CIC** Rider
Given by the Elaine P. and Richard U. Wilson Foundation, in memory of Wise Decision, honoring all past, present and future equine athletes.
2006 Winner: Darren Chiacchia on Windfall II

The Elaine & Richard Wilson Trophy

Winning Open Intermediate Rider
Given by the Elaine P. and Richard U. Wilson Foundation in recognition of the parents who give their young equestrians their time, energy and loving support.
2006 Winner: Phillip Dutton on Loose 'N Cool

The Rufus Wesson Trophy

Winning Rider OPA Division
Donated by the Crystal family in honor of Rufus as past USPC President.
2006 Winner: Jennifer Goebel on Berkley

The Woodlander Trophy

Winning OP Division B Rider
Given by Kyra King Stuart and Heidi Stuart Vahue in honor of Heidi's former Preliminary and Intermediate partner.
2006 Winner: William Coleman on K. du Manoir

The Barney Trophy

Winning Rider OPC Division
Donated by the Malavase family in memory of the tough and brave Prelim horse campaigned by Emily Clay, Alison Giering, and Salley Healey of Mendon Pony Club.
2006 Winner: Gayle Molander on Lizzy

The Elisabeth Wesson Trophy

Highest Scoring Young Rider in Open Prelim
Given by the Stuart Horse Trials Committee in appreciation of Mrs. Rufus Wesson, whose encouragement of young riders in Western New York has been unparalleled.
2006 Winner: Missy Miller on Leprechauns Rowdy Boy

The Beamer Trophy

Overall top placing OP mare
Given by Brant Gamma in honor of her Beamer
2006 Winner: Elizabeth Ricklefs on Snap Decision

Ida Mizelle Joseph Trophy

Best Dressage Score, any Training Level
Given in memory of the Mendon Pony Club volunteer instructor who founded the Western New York Dressage Association.
2006 Winner: Alice Taylor on Sudden Flirtation

The Cobblestone Trophy

Winning Junior (18 & under) Training Level Rider
Given by the de Papp family in recognition of their Cobblestone, USEA National Young Rider Horse of the Year in 1980.
2006 Winner: Hope Nicyper-Meryman on Feather Blue

The Sweet Hickory Trophy

Winning Junior (18 & under) Novice Level Rider
Donated by the O'Hara family in memory of Jennifer's outstanding Connemara mare, who also evented with Jennifer Schaller-Henderson of Mendon Pony Club.
2006 Winner: Ellie Van Gemeren on Orange Pippin

Major Anthony A. J. Rethy Perpetual Trophy

Best Dressage Score in Novice Rider Division
Given by Kristie Van Valkinburgh of VanDesign and Jackie Kinney of Coverly Equestrian Center, in memory of their beloved Hungarian riding instructor, one of the founders of both eventing and dressage competition in Western New York.
2006 Winner: Ellie Van Gemeren on Orange Pippin

Stuart Horse Trials Vintage Cups

Best overall score in each of the five levels
For competitors 45 years and holding

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